World Citizens for the political unification of mankind


Mondialists are World Citizens who believe that the Unity of Mankind in its cultural diversity is possible and necessary. They have recognised and are aware that a good future for humanity depends on this unity.
Mondialism is the sum of all peaceful aspirations for the political unification of humanity in a democratic and federal World Union. A Mondialist is anyone who advocates this and supports it within the framework of his or her special interests and possibilities.
On the occasion of United Nations Day on 24 October 2017, a small group of Mondialists from Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland formulated the


Declaration Cosmopolis 2100



  • to prevent the third world war, to abolish forcible conflict holdings between the nations and to substitute with world right and world-judicial negotiations,
  • to confirm our conviction for the protection of the human rights, for freedom, equality, justice and humanism,
  • to create conditions under which justice and the esteem can be protected before the obligations from right and law,
  • to promote worldwide the social progress and a better standard of living in bigger freedom and solidarity for all people,


  • to practice understanding, tolerance and mutual respect and to live as good neighbours in prosperous cooperation with each other,

  • to unite our forces to guarantee the world peace and the international security by a generally valid and enforcable world right,

  • to create democratic world institutions they make sure that force of arms is applied only in the harmony with democratically sedate world right is allowed,
  • to create a global, united social system to promote the economic and social progress of all people,

  • transform the member states of the UN into actual united nations in the sense of a federal World Union by the end of this century at the latest,



For the reform and further development of the United Nations

The text of this declaration is based on the preamble of the UN Charter. While only the governments of the member states are represented in the UN today, the future United Nations is to become a federal and democratic World Union for the whole of humanity. The nation states will remain, and it must become a unity in cultural diversity. This goal is to be achieved through the reform and further development of the United Nations Organization. It is a long-term goal and is still mostly regarded as a utopia today. The Mondialists, however, are convinced that the best way for humanity to survive in the future is through this political unification.


We absolutely need the World Union, because the challenges will be enormous. Dramatic climate changes, overpopulation, shortages of raw materials and food, warlike conflicts that can always lead to a world conflagration with weapons of mass destruction, these are just some of the problems that are casting their shadows ahead and can already be felt today. Not least the COVID-19 pandemic shows this unmistakably. It would be utopian to believe that nation states could cope with this on their own. Global political unification is therefore an absolute necessity and could be achieved with common sense by the end of this century at the latest.

We have described various aspects of our visions of the future in a number of topic pages, without claiming to be exhaustive. The texts in several languages are intentionally kept short. The pages can be accessed using the buttons on the bottom bar. We do not want to go into too much detail, because that is the task of experts. Everything should also be subject to democratic processes. For this reason, we are urgently committed to the establishment of a democratic World Parliament within the framework of the UN.


As a small group we discussed in the World Citizens Forum what we want to call ourselves. The term "World Citizens" alone is too vague. It can also only be understood philosophically. But we wanted a political term. "Globalists" has a negative reputation because of the ruthless globalization of corporations. This article in The Guardian brought us to "Mondialists". This term is hardly ever used and is still free of misunderstandings. We therefore try to establish the term "Mondialist" for the political World Citizen. The Mondialists are not an organisation. The Mondialist Info Service is an independent institution on a private basis.

Anyone who wants to get involved as a Mondialist, wishes to cooperate, needs more information and/or has questions, has ideas or would like to make suggestions, is welcome to contact us at CONTACT.